About us

IT? Yes, we are about IT. But we are more than that. We are eyes and ears of our customers. We listen, we learn and get into our clients’ position to be able to adapt to modern environment, embrace new technologies and tackle the challenges they may face regardless the location. 

Our new business model allows us to source talented IT professionals from Southern & Eastern Europe, who are able to work from any location, together with a team led by local project managers and alike.

Our mission

We focus on high value client deliveries by being flexible,  staying close to the customer and using innovative IT ecosystem regardless of the location.

Our vision

To become a leading and recognizable company on the global market and the company clients and employees talk about and want to be part of

Our values

  • We aim for profit, we care about people and planet
  • We commit to sustainable profitable growth
  • Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future
  • We listen to our customers and understand their needs
  • Clear organizational structure, responsibilities and open communication style
  • Transparency throughout business operations
  • We respect and trust each other
  • We embrace diversity and different cultures
  • We respect local laws and norms
  • Attractive working place/environment


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