Granitumi up and running!

We are thrilled to announce Granitumi’s official launch as a leading technology company providing large scale of software development services. Granitumi is an international wing of Graniitti Group, which is an IT Consultancy business with headquarters in Helsinki, Finland.  

Our focus is to help our clients to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape by providing innovative IT ecosystem for project deliveries regardless of location. We bring global technology professionals, focusing on booming IT markets in Europe, who execute in a team led by local experts and project managers. 

Granitumi’s aim is to be an agile and flexible partner for our clients who invests in long-term business relationships and understands customer needs. 


The idea of Granitumi was born thanks to a pre-study initiated by Graniitti Services, part of Graniitti Group, in May 2022. With growth focus in mind, we analyzed current business trends and challenges as well as international growth opportunities for Graniitti. We conducted around 30 interviews with clients, recruiters and jobseekers here in Finland and in other countries.

The project revealed significant trends, but also a major challenge in finding skilled IT professionals not only in home market but worldwide. Thanks to the pre-study, we have identified an opportunity to provide location independent IT talents backed by local project management expertise.  

What we are offering:

Granitumi’s goal is to be an agile partner for its clients by offering a “one-stop shop” for project deliveries where we listen to our customers and understand their needs.  

We have an advantage to be a part of the Group, where the existing Graniitti Services company can bring local project management and team leading experience that we will enhance by more technical skills from Southern and Eastern Europe via Granitumi. Due to our personal network, we have now identified IT booming countries such as Moldova, Romania and Georgia, and this is where we are focusing now on finding highly skilled IT talent. 

Contact us:

If your company needs technical expertise now or in the near future, we encourage you not to wait and contact us. We shall provide you with our IT talent profiles required for your project. We can also create a team based on your requirements, consisting of local project management and backed up by technical expertise.  

We are committed to building strong partnerships with our clients and delivering innovative high-quality solutions to meet their needs. With a focus on quality, innovation and collaboration, Granitumi is poised to become a leading provider of software development services on a global scale.