At Granitumi, we believe in connecting the right team players and projects. Recently, we had a firsthand experience at the Agri Food and Green Tech Innovation Expo and it was eye-opening.

Picture this: 10 innovative startups stepping up, pitching fresh ideas to revolutionize sustainability. These weren’t just pitches; they were game-changers. Ideas spanned from alternative meat production to hemp-based products and sustainable food packaging that keeps veggies fresher for longer. It’s the kind of innovation that makes us excited about the future.

We try to address real-world challenges with the help of technology. Take, for instance, the meat industry. It’s no secret that livestock has a significant heavy impact on our planet. That’s where technology comes to help in order to digitalize and optimize the farming industry. Granitumi’s global reach in IT allows us to support and collaborate with these disruptive initiatives aligning with our core value of sustainability.

One standout idea was the production of hemp milk-based products. It’s genius, isn’t it? Not only does it offer an alternative to milk and tackles sustainability issues linked with traditional dairy production, but it also offers a healthier alternative. We see the potential in these initiatives and how IT can empower them to scale efficiently.

There is also a focus on sustainable packaging. Imagine a world where packaging not only protects food, keeps the moisture out of it, but also fights against food waste. That’s the power of technology intersecting with sustainability. We are committed to leveraging IT services to bring these ideas forward.


We know the value of partnerships that go beyond contracts. We invest in relationships, understanding our clients’ needs for the long haul. Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for us; it’s a commitment we make.


We aim not only to be IT service providers but also help companies to enable change. We’d love to create a sustainable future together with our clients, where technology and sustainability go hand in hand for a better world. Let’s connect the dots, innovate sustainably, and make a difference.