Granitumi at Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference

Unveiling Cutting-Edge Technology, Services, and Solutions

On June 6-7 Graniitti and Granitumi took part of the Tampere Smart City expo at Nokia Arena, where Graniitti had its own stand. The event was targeted to forward-looking thinkers, providing insights on cutting edge technology, services and solutions.

The companies such as Microsoft, AWS, Fujitsu, Volvo, OP were among the partners and we had an amazing opportunity to listen to some of the most prominent presentations on the topics of metaverse, digital twins, generative AI, web 3.0, blockchain and APIs. Microsoft presented its new cutting-edge office management solutions based on artificial intelligence that could be excellent help for project management. 

One more time, another successful event for Graniitti and Granitumi that can lead us to interesting client engagements and service portfolio expansion!

"Exploring the Metaverse: IT Insider Podcast Welcomes Expert Guest Christina Yan Zhang, CEO of Metaverse Institute"

Very exciting news for the IT Insider podcast. The upcoming podcast revolves around a very interesting and current topic: the Metaverse. We are thrilled to announce our quest for the podcast: Christina Yan Zhang, one of the strongest experts in the field. She is the CEO of Metaverse Institute, a consulting firm focused on Web3 strategies. With almost 20 years of experience, she has built a thriving global business by transforming innovative ideas into practical solutions. Stay tuned for the podcast!

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